Ace Marine was established in 2001 by President and founder Gabe Rex on the simple principle of “Make a Friend, Not a Customer.” In 2014 Ace Marine partnered with Texas Ski Ranch and Ski Shores to create Ski Shores Marina. Today Ski Shores Marina is proud to have an abundant number of friends who know that Ski Shores Marina is much more than a boat repair shop. The partnership with Texas Ski Ranch has helped add to the services that Gabe continues to offer to the Lake Austin community. The staff at Ski Shores Marina has over 100 years experience in the service industry, half of which have been at this very location. Texas Ski Ranch adds years of experience in all things water related from boat sales to coaching. To our friends, Ski Shores Marine is a trusted source for reliable marine information and honest boat repair work. Stop by Ski Shores or give us call as we would like to have you as a friend too.